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Tom Bryde

Tom Bryde is Canadian born and raised. An Air Force Brat, he spent most of his formative years around people in uniforms, including military and police organizations, court rooms and wildlife officers. He is now semi-retired, wanting to travel more and enjoying writing, researching and genealogy.

Changing Partners; From the Gallagher Files

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Detective Chris Gallagher catches his first case after the murder of his partner Vince. He arrives to find Pete Barnigan, an undercover drug cop, spattered all over the dining room wall. To make matters worse, his new, unannounced partner arrives on the scene. Dave Purvis is an unknown commodity to Gallagher, but makes sure Chris realises that he is not impressed by rank or reputation as he starts to work the case. As they retrace Pete's moves and talk to his contacts, people associated to Pete also land on the Medical Examiner's table, and their handler is in the wind. As Purvis starts to put the moves on Gallagher's girlfriend, Chris is too preoccupied with the one question that haunts him. Is he dealing with a cop killer or a killer cop?


Victoria Seacress -- Headstones!

Victoria Seacress is a smart, sexy investigative reporter working on an explosive domestic abuse exposé. She is also a woman with a secret, which makes her a target for murder.When her fiancé is found murdered in her bedroom, Victoria’s ability to unravel a story takes on new urgency. She and her best friend, Jake, become prime suspects. Her personal and professional lives collide repeatedly as she untangles a knot of murder, fraud, deceit and unexpected sexual relationships. 

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Victoria Seacress... A Mystery!

Victoria Seacress stands to attention. Bloodied but not bent, this woman scorned by a jealous employer, must face life in the pits of newsroom banality. As destiny takes her hand, she finds herself confronted by the death of her mentor, a man she loves, respects, cherishes, a man who takes no prisoners and is on the verge of his greatest scoop. If not for the fate-filled day Victoria Seacress is assigned to cover dog shows and pancake breakfasts, there is no doubt a gang of industrial oil thugs would once again be victorious in their plan to control world supplies of this most precious condiment.
     Working with her close friends, the police finally investigating the accident where her mentor was murdered, Victoria Seacress almost loses her life as well as everything she has ever worked for. This gang of corporate hoodlums will stop at nothing. Their audacious plan cannot be stopped…that is until Victoria Seacress steps into their lives.
     Join her in this page-turning thriller where a woman at the end of her rope stands against all odds to bring down the vultures of corporate greed.

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