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Paul Magnan

Paul Magnan has been writing stories that veer from the straight and narrow for a long time. He has a number of short stories published, most recently in Fantasy Scroll Magazine. He lives in Rhode Island with his family.

Kyu, The Unknown, Book 1
The Coming of Dis.

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The Territories have been unified for a thousand years, brought together under the sword of Harra Ardrassis and the sorcerous power of his immortal sister, Haena. But the Unification has always been contentious; hostility and distrust grows stronger every year. Surrounding the Territories is the Disian Curtain, a desolate darkness filled with ravenous, twisted horrors beyond imagination. Ruled by Infernals called the Diaboli Domini, these terrors desire nothing more than to devour the flesh and souls of all humanity… And the Disian Curtain is encroaching ever closer.

From the Territory of Talgourge comes Kyu, The Unknown, a man whose past, and face, are a complete mystery, even to him. A rising celebrity in the popular and lethal sport of arena fighting, Kyu’s lack of identity drives him to question everything, including the profession at which he excels. When he finally discovers who and what he really is, and meets a young woman who gives his empty life meaning, Kyu wants to walk away from the violence and live on his own term, but powers, both human and Infernal, have plans of their own for him. With the Territories teetering on the brink of continent-wide warfare and Dis’ unspeakable nightmares approaching, they will do anything to control Kyu and the nascent power he is just beginning to realize. Kyu, however, is much more powerful than anyone knows. He will do anything to protect… and avenge… those he loves, and his world will never be the same.