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Mary Cote

Mary writes her books while sitting under a cherry tree in the middle of nowhere, British Columbia, gaining inspiration from her two sons, and Herbert the WonderDog. 

The Cabochon Incorporated Adventure Series

Baffin Blues
A Cabochon Incorporated Adventure (4)

The Qauppat Mine on Baffin Island is a state-of-the-art project, intended to provide for the survival of the workers at the sapphire mine, as well as for the local population, in one of the most harsh environments in the world. A bomb, however, threatens to shut down the mine, stopping the educational, medical and social programs the mine is providing along with the much needed year-round source of food from their domes. A jewel thief, spies, poachers and foreign governments are standing ready to pick at the bones of what might be left once the mine is gone. As the fight for Arctic sovereignty heats up, Brad and Ryan find themselves caught between the demands of their former military lives as they are recalled to duty, and the obligations and commitments of the corporation they run. Ghosts from the past, both living and dead, haunt them as they struggle to do what's right. 'Right', however, is a subjective issue, and could be the one thing that finally strains their friendship to the breaking point.

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Pigeon Blood Red
A Cabochon Incorporated Adventure (3)

It was supposed to be a routine inspection of Cabochon Incorporated’s interests in Tasmania. However, when Ryan Matthews arrives at the Ravishing Ruby mine, he instead finds himself caged, surrounded by carnivorous marsupials and entwined in murder, kidnapping, drug dealing and fraud. Instead of being surrounded by lustrous red gemstones, his world becomes one of opium poppies, spilled blood and sacrificial pigeons. His wife, Andi, and his best friend, Brad, must come to his rescue, aided by a collection of characters and wild animals as diverse as the island itself as they uncover the criminal connections to both the mine and the local police.

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Green Gold
A Cabochon Incorporated Adventure (2)

The management of Cabochon Incorporated travel to Ecuador to investigate irregularities with their Oro Verde emerald mine. Although they head there expecting to identify who is stealing their gemstones, they soon become entwined in a multitude of illegal activities, many stemming from connections to Columbian drug cartels. Andi, Ryan, Brad and Liam soon learn that there is nothing their nemesis will not do in his lust for money and power. They also learn that the four of them are the last obstacle to the successful execution of an evil, deadly plan.

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Destroying her husband's illegal operations is the only thing that can save Andi Sterling and her two sons. When Aubrey Sterling discovers her betrayal, he attempts to kill her. Unaware that he is being watched as he throws what he is convinced is her lifeless body into Rainbow Lake, he contents himself with the knowledge that she is no longer a threat to him. His interest turns to locating his children -- one to groom as an heir, one to eliminate as an embarrassment. The three who witnessed Sterling’s murderous rage have different plans. Two of the three, trained navy SEALS, rescue Andi then will stop at nothing to help her achieve all that she set out to accomplish.

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