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A true renaissance man, David hangs his hat in sunny Southern California. Dave also sings. Check out his video! 

Dillinger Waitflaker: The Mind is a Dangerous Weapon

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This is the book where Torture in the Garden of Eden and Mad Cop's Diary meet -- Dillinger during the war, and the aftermath. Get two for the price of one... almost. Dillinger Flakewaiter would have it no other way!

Mad Cop's Diary

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Dillinger Flakewaiter endured the hospitality of the Hanoi Hilton; now that the war is over, what’s a fellow to do? In Dillinger’s case, it is obvious; be a cop – an unorthodox flatfoot with a fuse shorter than a viper’s strike. After being ordered to get counselling, thanks to the instructions of the very delicious Doctor Dolores Watchman, he starts to keep a diary, and embarks on that journey to ‘where the hell’ where he soon runs into old friends Lucy and Bob God. In his quest to learn right from wrong, to search for that unanswerable question of the viability of God and the devil, to identify good and bad absolutely, he takes a tour in a borrowed Porche, watches the ocean waves, and performs a few miracles of his own, all in the name of God, or a reasonable facsimile thereof. Will the D-Man live long enough to find definitive answers for those nebulous questions and ideals that plague mankind? 

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Outskirts of Insanity

A thin line separates genius from insanity. For Harry, that line is badly frayed, weakening in spots, as the Nagging Little Man inside his head attempts to take over his world. Harry’s professional reputation of being a clean hitman, a methodical killer for hire who never leaves a trace, is at odds with the frantic, perverted, joyfully messy murders of his alter personality. As he recedes, surrounds himself with memories and people from his past, refusing to deal with the demise he knows is inevitable, the Nagging Little Man becomes stronger, louder, dominant… until he kills Police Officer Peter Guzzman, and FBI Special Agent Paul Lightwing is assigned the case. Can Lightwing save Harry from himself, or will he allow the Nagging Little Man to consume him as well?

     With a cast of amazing characters, this psychological thriller will have you gripping the sides of your chair as Harry and The Nagging Little Man create terror and chaos in the already tumultuous lives of April Guzzman, Anvil Hardy, David Rosenshein, Mr. Pawbers and Paul Lightwing.

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Paddockwood: a sleepy town along the banks of the Saskatchewan River. It is an unlikely place for a dynasty to be born or a serial killer to lurk. While farmers and their families fight the seasons and their personal battles, an innocent merger takes place that could, with time, have the potential to impact a whole nation. Around and within, this prairie village is haunted by mysterious happenings; death, murder and dark secrets, and one town resident is in possession of a journal that could be a harbinger for disaster. As the story weaves the banker, the doctor, the farmer and the bootlegger into the warm wool blanket of the small prairie town and lulls you with the experience of being a part of Paddockwood, danger lurks in the shadows.

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Torture In The Garden of Eden

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How does one expedite torture? What happens in the mind of the tortured? Is it different for each soldier, each martyr? Only they know the answer. Perhaps Dillinger Flakewaiter, a soldier, a martyr, an everyday madman has written what it is that happens in the mind, the spirit, the body of the tortured, once the door clangs shut.
     Dillinger Flakewaiter was a soldier in Vietnam. After taking lead in the belly while serving his country, he finds himself in a private room at the Hanoi Hilton where he does what he has to in order to survive, and he invites us along. A travelling road show/freak circus is his first stop on this crazy escape from pain and anguish caused by his captors. After an encounter with a church-going damsel in distress and a torrid tumble with a Yugoslavian hooker, he then follows his own calling to a religious way of life. Bishop Flakewaiter of the Church of the Almighty Yet Blessed Dollar Sign listens to God's voice, and with the help of Deacon Allonzo, Hiawatha Hyacinth and Haymon the giant, he does God's work... but is it really God who has taken Dillinger by the hand, or is it instead the cold hard steel-on-steel slamming shut on his mind?
     In Vonnegutian style, the reader is inside Dillinger's world, sharing his confusion and his thoughts. Always raucous, often irreverent, Torture in the Garden of Eden takes us on the wild ride that is, sadly, nothing more than a mental escape from the deliberate hell man inflicts on man.

They Ate Peaches

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They Ate Peaches is a unique mixture of love and multi-racial characters who travel from the congested streets of New York City to the blood-soaked soil of Israel.
     Jacob is a neurotic laborer. While enroute to Israel and his roots, he stops in New York City where he meets David, a successful surgeon. The two become lovers and David agrees to meet Jacob in Tel Aviv. Jacob introduces David to the formidable, lovely Charlotta Weiss, a former soldier who men fear and women envy. The trio takes their friendship to the bedroom where gender is no longer important. They experience a love that compares to no other.
     When David is injured by a terrorist bomb, he realizes the moral desire within him to give back to the people and the land. The three decide to build a hospital in the middle of the war-torn country. Their mission is to provide care, without prejudice, to anyone who needs it. They are met with brutal hatred and violence.
     Bombs, earthquakes, collapsed buildings, terrorists and the Israeli secret service try to break the bond between these three lovers, but do not succeed. Centuries-old hatred, however, could be the one thing to destroy them.

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