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The Play's the Thing!

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Writers AMuse Me is excited to announce that we are branching out and will now be publishing PLAYS. To this end, we are putting out a call for submissions for Full Length and One-Act plays. We will expand this call in the near future to include Musicals, but for now, we would love to see your Full and One-Act Plays. We will not be publishing any Ten-Minute Plays.

We will state outright -- we are making some changes to the norm for how plays are published and handled. The complete list of changes is included on our Plays page. Primarily, we will be offering the playwrights a royalty on ALL script sales, along with their performance royalties. Video rights will be included with all publishing licenses, because we know they are doing it anyways, so let's regulate it a bit and work with the players. It helps them and it helps us, so it only makes sense to do this. We will also accept some plays that do not have a production history. We know that in some areas, that is just not an easy thing to do, so we will consider them, and when we publish them, we will offer them at a discounted price for the first performance. We will also be creating trailers for the plays, which we think will be wonderful to showcase the work and a good way to reach out to a broader audience.

Please check out our Plays page, which will have all the submission information included. Please share the page with your playwright friends. We are thrilled to invite them all into our writing family.



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Because the essence of both The Writers Block forum and Writers AMuse Me is about the freedom of writing, the indulging of that little voice inside us, the releasing of the constraints on the Muse, we are pleased to announce that we will be doing themed editions, offering little prompts that will prod the writer. These issues will be publised in the first edition of every other month, but we are providing the prompts/themes for the remainder of the year. If you find yourself moved, piqued at all, and would like to have your poem or short story (under 1400 words) included, please indicate which issue they are for on your submission email.

June 2011 -

(1) You meet the person you most want to meet, regardless dead or alive, and you are terribly disappointed

(2) If contronted with death, do you rejoice or crawl into a hole and wimper?

August 2011 -

(1) The President's lover's name is Chuck

(2) The horror in my bed.

October 2011 -

(1) The Disco Queen is singing your song. (P's suggestion... I was doing laundry when she came up with this :roll: )

(2) Life is like a bouquet of flowers.

December 2011 -

(1) Love comes in the wrong package.

(2) The Truth about truth.


Okay... now get writing!


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Welcome to the Writers AMuse Me Bookstore!!

We would first like to thank our wonderful, talented writers. We are very proud to be representing them and know we will see more of them in the future.

Because of the little foibles of the internet world, please check out our FAQ page prior to purchasing and downloading any books, especially if you are looking for a version for your Kindle or if you are operating Internet Explorer (although if you are using IE on your laptop, you might be fine). We do offer a link for a free download of the Calibre e-reader conversion program to allow you to read our books in any format, and is a perfect fix, at least for now, for people wanting to read our books on a Kindle. For Internet Explorer, there is a very quick and easy fix for their problem with downloading some ePub documents. (all our books are offered in ePub format)

Our bookshelves will continue to grow; we have more projects already lined up and we are putting out a call for submissions to other writers of anthologies, memoirs and fiction. Please check out our submission guidelines. We will also be undertaking some special publishing projects as well, and those details will be included in our blog as we are ready to put them into action.

We will continue to post here about upcoming events with our writers, news about upcoming writers and about planned writing projects. We plan on being very busy, sharing our writers and their words with the world. We also will be going back to our ezine format, publishing collections of poems and short stories ever other week, so please keep those submissions coming as well.