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Two New Releases!

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We are thrilled to be sharing Marc and Kathy Holland's new one act play, Unclaimed Baggage. What do you do when your ride home from the airport doesn't show, but a complete stranger does? Mona Lisa Blake, a fledgling artist, deplanes to find a nondescript C.P.A., Dennis Arnold, waiting. Dennis also is in possession of her boyfriend's cell phone. Their styles clash, their metaphors mix, and sparks fly, especially when they try to match wits with Sarah, the wise-cracking and seemingly omnipotent airline employee. Book a seat for this romantic comedy and buckle up. There's turbulence ahead.

This is Marc's fourth play, and once again his brilliance shines!

Because we didn't want Marc to feel lonely today, we also are re-releasing Redemption by Mary Cote. Corruption and manipulation are running rampant when Father Adamo Bianchi returns to Rome to attend his mother's funeral. He is sure that his two younger sisters are condemned to eternal damnation because of their activities. Abuse of power, indulgences, espionage and murder all become integral aspects of Adamo's life while he disregards the moral virtues that propelled his vocation. Will he sacrifice his sisters on the altar of lust for Crimson silk?

Holy Orders be damned! Chiara knows what is happening inside the walls of the Papal Palace, and it is anything but holy!

This new, updated version is available at all the regular outlets.



PLAYWrights AMuse Us

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Play Time! 

What better way is there for us to celebrate our WAMMiversary than to kick open the doors on our shiny, new Plays store. Yes, we are publishing plays, and it has been an incredible journey so far. Our playwrights bring so much to the table – they are, every one of them, brilliant. Their talent is evident on every page. The range is magnificent – melodrama, comedy, drama, social commentary, slapstick (not all in one play!) We have fashionistas, talking furniture, dead lovers, discovered lovers, romance, distraught teachers, high school reunions, the plight of a mentally challenged young woman, and God, in one-act and full length plays.

We are tickled to present to you our playwrights – Tom Swimm, Don Grimme, Joseph P. Krawczyk, Paul Barile, Marc Holland, Kathy Holland, Mike Davis, DeeJay Arens, Steve Saari and Mary Cote... and this is just the beginning.

When we took on the challenge of adding plays to our roster, we did it because we wanted to see the playwrights get paid for every script sold (no, traditionally, they are not). We wanted to make plays more accessible and available to schools and community groups, and we wanted to allow the production organizations to have a chance to promote their work by including video rights in the contracts. We also wanted to take the step toward digitalizing the world of play production, because a smaller carbon footprint is always a good thing. We bundle the packages in both print and digital form, making them even more affordable, and providing them in whatever format best works for the actors.

The next step? Well, musicals of course. Plans are already underway to bring full length musical plays to you, so please stay tuned to further announcements.

For now, please join us in welcoming our playwrights to the WAMM family.

The Play's the Thing!

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Writers AMuse Me is excited to announce that we are branching out and will now be publishing PLAYS. To this end, we are putting out a call for submissions for Full Length and One-Act plays. We will expand this call in the near future to include Musicals, but for now, we would love to see your Full and One-Act Plays. We will not be publishing any Ten-Minute Plays.

We will state outright -- we are making some changes to the norm for how plays are published and handled. The complete list of changes is included on our Plays page. Primarily, we will be offering the playwrights a royalty on ALL script sales, along with their performance royalties. Video rights will be included with all publishing licenses, because we know they are doing it anyways, so let's regulate it a bit and work with the players. It helps them and it helps us, so it only makes sense to do this. We will also accept some plays that do not have a production history. We know that in some areas, that is just not an easy thing to do, so we will consider them, and when we publish them, we will offer them at a discounted price for the first performance. We will also be creating trailers for the plays, which we think will be wonderful to showcase the work and a good way to reach out to a broader audience.

Please check out our Plays page, which will have all the submission information included. Please share the page with your playwright friends. We are thrilled to invite them all into our writing family.