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Book of the Year Silver Medalist!

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The View From A Rusty Train Car
DeeJay Arens


We are so proud to announce that DeeJay's debut novel has won yet another award, this time taking the silver medal as  a 2012 ForeWords Book of the Year in the Gay/Lesbian category. It is so wonderful to see a book of substance, a coming of age story about two boys in small town USA in the 80's, get the attention it deserves. Jared and Luke are neighbors and friends. They want to be more than that to each other, but society, and Luke's family, get in the way. This story WILL move you, as you see their love, and their pain, the trials they endure and the life and death consequences they face, for wanting only what every other person takes for granted. While this won in the GLBT category, it is so much more than a story about two gay boys, and it is one that you will want to read more than once, and share with others.

DeeJay, from the staff at Writers AMuse Me, congratulations and thank you. This has been an incredible journey, and we look forward to many more celebrations with you. Our next challenge, to face jointly, will be to find enough room on the cover for all your awards.

The View From a Rusty Train Car took first place honors in the New Generation 2013 Book Awards in May.

Read an excerpt, watch the trailer, learn about DeeJay, and find out how to purchase this book by clicking on this link.


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Here it is... the new cover for DeeJay Arens' brilliant award-winning debut novel The View From A Rusty Train Car.

No one talks about what happens when you fall in love with the boy next door -- not when you’re the boy living beside the boy next door.”

Congratulations, DeeJay. It looks absolutely perfect there.

View DeeJay's Book Trailer here.
(yes, that is DeeJay singing on the trailer, as well, and the song was composed by our very own Steve Saari. Thanks to Mike Lamon for performing the vocals with DeeJay.)


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We are thrilled to announce that DeeJay Aren’s brilliant novel The View From A Rusty Train Car tied for first place in the 2013 New Generation Indie Book Awards in the Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual/Transgender category! Congratulations, DeeJay. The book is very well deserving of the award.

We are further thrilled to announce that Tony Walkden’s book With A Dying Breath tied for second place in the 2013 New Generation Indie Book Awards in the Nature/Science/Environment category!

It has been a privilege and an honor to be involved with these books. They each tackle social situations that absolutely need to be discussed. DeeJay’s book is about two young gay men struggling to find their identities, and trying to find love in a world that doesn’t allow it. Tony’s book deals with the issue of wildlife conservation – why some animals are disappearing, and how we can all help to stop it before it’s too late. Because Tony’s intention was to help with global conservation efforts, all of his royalties are donated to the IUCN for their ongoing projects.

Congratulations to you both. We are very proud to have been included in these amazing undertakings with two such talented, compassionate authors.


The View From A Rusty Train Car by DeeJay Arens book trailer


With A Dying Breath by Tony Walkden book trailer

News! News! News!

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We are absolutely thrilled to announce that DeeJay Arens and his book, The View From A Rusty Train Car, has made it into the final round of the ForeWord Book Of The Year 2012 Awards, in the gay/lesbian category. This amazingly moving coming-of-age novel takes us through the emotional turmoil experienced by a young boy, Jared, when he realizes he is in love with the boy next door, in a world where that is absolutely not allowed. It becomes even more poignant as the boy next door, Luke, also struggles with his own sexuality, loving Jared but unable to fight social precepts and religious dogma. Beautifully (and boldly) written, this literary journey has critical lessons for all of us, about love, tolerance, hatred and life.

DeeJay, congratulations from everyone at Writers AMuse Me. It has been an honor to be involved in this project from the beginning, and we look forward to more success for you down the road. While we do have the gold ‘Finalist’ sticker, we will be holding off on applying it to the covers for the moment. We will let you know as soon as the new covers are available.

We will keep you all updated with the progress of DeeJay’s book as it travels through the final stages of competition.

If you want to know more about The View from a Rusty Train Car, you can check out the new trailer, on our new Video Page! Yes, we are very proud to share with you the first of the book trailers we have had created to represent our books. They are another great way to get a feel for the book, and we believe they will be a great tool for our readers. We have more coming every few days, so please check back regularly for them. The authors and our staff have done a tremendous job on them; you won’t want to miss any of them, and some of them, I’m sure, will hold a few surprises for you.

8 With An Author -- DeeJay Arens

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Time to bring in one of our debut authors this year, but man, what a debut! Here is our interview with the one, the only...


1. What are your favorite characters to write?

I love writing completely flawed people who you still want to love. Stories for me need to feel real – and perfect characters aren’t real to me. Humans are inherently flawed and we still find love. There is no need for me to write “perfect” characters.

2. Is there a genre you haven’t tried, but would like to? What genre could you not write?

I have this mystery in my head that needs to come out. I started a chapter, but I haven’t convinced myself that I am up to it yet. As far as the genres that I could not write they would be science fiction, paranormal, or fantasy. They just aren’t in me. I don’t know why.

3. Shakespeare fan – yes or no, and why?

Absolutely! I spent my college summers touring in Shakespeare plays and they helped me grow as a person and as a writer. I’ve always adored his works. I have three separate books that are the collections of all of his works.

4. In hindsight, many of us find that our writing was impacted by our schooling. What was your favorite assignment in high school English, your least favorite, and the one that affected you most?

This question immediately put me back to junior high and George Orwell’s “Animal Farm”. It was the first time I was completely intrigued by reading a book. I had taken time from school because my grandfather was passing. I would check in weekly and get my homework from my teachers. The “Animal Farm” assignment came toward the end and I was excited to do the book report because I was so involved. A strange book to get attached to during that time, but it is when I fell in love with the power of literature.

5. The ideal holiday would be where? Would you then use that in a story?

England, definitely. I have always been in love (for no rational reason) with the idea of English culture. It could be my Canadian roots, I guess. One of my next books will be absolutely set in England. No question.

6. You’re stuck on a deserted island with only three books and one other author. Name the books and the author then tell us why.

Hmmmm… This is a really tough one. I love books. I could never limit it to three. This question is my purgatory. As far as the other author; I plead the fifth. I have so many favourite authors and favourite authors who are friends that I can’t do it. Wimpy? Sure. That is all I am saying.

7. If your writing career was a novel, what would the title be?

“Ray Bolger Legs and Marshmallow Feet”. I don’t even know where to start to try to explain this.

8. If you could co-write a book with any author, who would you choose and what genre would it be?

I’ve really become a fan of Mary Cote’s work. I dream of a book where we could dig into the characters and send them on one wild ride. The genre? That would have to be decided. Maybe she is the one to get me to write that elusive fantasy/vampire/werewolf book. Or not. Although, playwright Steve Saari would be a fun one with whom to co- write a book. I don’t know. Both have a slim chance of happening. Stay tuned.

DeeJay Arens is a playwright, an actor, and an author, to name a few of his endeavors. His movie, Slip Away, which he wrote and in which he stars, made its premier this fall. His debut novel The View From A Rusty Train Car, a gay coming-of-age piece, is garnering great reviews.

Award Nominations, Part 2

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We are thrilled to announce that two of our books, The View From a Rusty Train Car by DeeJay Arens, and With A Dying Breath by Tony Walkden have further been nominated for awards. They are under consideration for the Indie Book Awards 2013, as well as for the Eric Hoffer Awards. Entry in the Eric Hoffer Award also includes entry in the First Horizon Award for debut authors, the Montaigne Medal for best title of the year, and the da Vinci Eye for best cover art. Both books are nominated for all honors.

We extend our congratulations to both authors. We are very proud to be working with you and very honored to be along for this amazing ride.