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WE MAY BE SMALL, at least by publishing house standards, but we do have pizzazz, and that pizzazz apparently translates directly to book bling. Yes, we are thrilled, and very proud, to announce another award winning book.

Congratulations to our own busy bee, Honey Boudreaux, on being a finalist in the National Indie Excellence Awards in the category of New Age Fiction, with Enter Eternity. In this book, Jillian races into the water to rescue a drowning boy, only to wake up facing a series of doors. As she passes through each one, she visits herself in other times, living different lives, as doctors attempt to save her. From being a slave on a plantation, to living the nomadic life of the First Nations people, to struggling to save Jewish neighbors from the nazi scourge, she relives the joys and struggles, and experiences their deaths once more, on her journey to enter Eternity. This is Honey's second book, and her first award! We're pretty confident that it will not be her last!

For those of you keeping track, this is our tenth award in three years. We are blessed to be surrounded by such talented authors. 

It's Release Week!!

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We have paranormal novel, Enter Eternity by Honey Boudreaux, a family saga romance with Sentimental Journey from Shakey Smith, and a literary novel From Time To Eternity by Mary Cote, all hitting shelves on Thursday, May 29th!


For Jillian it was just another day at the beach until she saw a young boy caught in an undertow. One minute she was battling the current and waves, holding on to the boy. The next minute, she was confronted by rows of doors. As she passed through them, she entered a different life she had lived -- a Native American, a slave on a southern plantation, an executioner in France... with each door she learned more about herself, and she saw how intricately our lives are woven together. Enter Eternity is Honey's second novel!

Cy and Stevie Joy are about to celebrate their 40th Wedding Anniversary. As they prepare for the big day, amid the chaos of family life and family strife, they each wander through old memories of their first days together, and worry that 'their day' could result in the biggest ballroom brawl ever. Sentimental Journey is 6th novel in the Dupees of Gray County Stories series by Shakey Smith, and one you will not forget.

Wyatt Cresswell wakes up on November 1st, convinced he is never going to experience another November 1st in his life. There is no reason for him to think this, but the notion is enough to propel him out of his long list of fears and neuroses. With the help of his best friend Dylan, he realizes now is the time to fulfil a dream -- to go to Italy, but first, Dylan insists they go someplace far from Wyatt's comfort zone -- Haiti. In the still-remaining wreckage of Haiti, perhaps a metaphor for Wyatt's life, he finds both death and life, despair and hope, and a reason to go on living. His experiences on the island make him see classic, historic Italy in a new life. In essence, From Time to Eternity is a 50-year-old coming of age story.

All three books will be available in digital and print formats in most on-line bookstores. Click the covers to learn more about each book!


8 With An Author -- Honey Boudreaux

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Time to slip softly into the weekend, for a gentle look, a sweet look, a sane look (maybe ;) ) at our own


1. Do you have music on when you write, or do you prefer quiet?

Are ya kiddin?? I don’t think I know the meaning of quiet!! The ‘sounds of silence’ tend to put me a little on edge. I’m surrounded every afternoon by 170 boisterous teens either playing musical instruments or dancing to the music from their I-Pods. If I don’t hear music, I’m hearing the grand-bugs running amok around the yard. When I sit down to write, I have to have background noise. It’s just not the same when things are quiet. The TV has to be turned on; either on a music channel or just on in general. Most of the time, I have no choice—the girls always have their music on blasting in their room! Fo’ Shizzle!

2. What are your favorite characters to write?

Most of the time dreams provide my ideas but, characters that hold secrets are my fave! Sometimes dark sinister secrets, sometimes secrets with elements of surprise seem to be the choices made by the voices. Teens, adults; everyone has a secret side---dig deep enough and discover there’s a story that will emerge! What’s your dark secret???

3. Is there a genre you haven’t tried, but would like to? What genre could you not write?

I would love to try Horror one day only I don’t think I could ever pull off a good horror novel. I’m giving my best Sci-Fi attempt in my current WIP—meh, we’ll see how that goes. Don’t think I could ever write Romance; love to read it, just drawn more to the YA genre. That’s what comes with having teens!

4. The ideal holiday would be where? Would you then use that in a story?

Ya know, there are lot of places I would love to go for an ideal holiday. Now, if you mean holiday as in vacation then throw me on a cruise line and ship me to Greece! Can I pick a century too? Greek mythology has always peaked my curiosity and ya never know what voices will pop from this head—so yeah, the thoughts are popping already for a story!

5. You’re stuck on a deserted island with only three books and one other author. Name the books and the author then tell us why.

Wow! This is an easy one---King’s books! Hmmm, which ones? Well, if I was stuck on a deserted island I would have to conclude that I came by this fate because I fled there after escaping a diseased planet---so I wouldn’t want to be reminded of that by reading The Stand. If I wanted to sleep at night I definitely couldn’t bring Pet Semetary and no way—IT!! On second thought, maybe I should bring Shakespeare—Hamlet, Midsummer Night’s Dream, Othello, King Lear. But I would definitely bring King to pick his brain!

6. If your writing career was a novel, what would the title be?

Do We Really Want To Go There? No, really—that would be the title!

7. When you were little, what did you want to be when you grew up? Does that desire impact your writing still?

I always thought I would be a teacher; even contemplated going back to school after having my girls. Worked for a daycare center at one point then did some tutoring for our local elementary school for a few years. I’m just a sucker for kids! I think that connection has kept me current with today’s teens... so yeah... it totally affects my genre choice and style of writing. Guess I figured if I couldn’t teach them, they would teach me. Writing for YA is a challenge and I hope I’ve achieved my goal; in their eyes. Tru Dat!

8. If you could co-write a book with any author, who would you choose and what genre would it be?

Since I was a wee fairy, I’ve always been partial to magical fantasy. If you would have asked me this question several years ago, I would have answered J. R. R. Tolkien (Lord of the Rings). Today, I would have to say J. K. Rowling. I can only imagine where the voices would take me in her world! It would definitely be YA and I would even consider using a second pen name or more like pen initials. H. M. Boudreaux. I can see it now... LMAO! :D

Honey Boudreaux is the author of the Young Adult novel Fool Me Once, but we know she has more to come, so watch for them. Fool Me Once is available in print, digital and Kindle formats. You can find it right here on the website or at most on-line book stores.



Guest Blog -- Honey Boudreaux

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6th Best Accomplishment!

Though I take most of the credit for my five beautiful daughters, I can’t take it all. FOOL ME ONCE is a creation I claim alone! It’s an unlikely comparison; giving birth to a child—giving birth to a novel, yet so alike. To bring words to life, watch as they grow, take on a life of their own then ending with a hopeful future is equally as satisfying; equally frustrating and yields a tremendous sense of pride.

Priorities led me to devote my life to my girls, but I never stopped yearning for my 6th ‘baby’. As three of the girls grew and moved on; the last two now teenage, I decided to tackle my dream. For years, I knew exactly what I wanted to write. I dove into Children’s genre for the love and impressionable minds that children have at young ages. Those stories are inside the vault. The nagging teens took control, insisting their story be told.

Finding a contest for debut authors really gave me the push I needed to release the voices. To say I knew the story beginning to end is an understatement. I had a timeline for this contest and pounded it out in a month’s time. It was weak and more a novella than novel. I didn’t expect to win; I just used the contest’s deadline to motivate myself. I had done it! There was much more work to be done to say the least, but I had taken the first step.

Aside from having five cheerleaders boosting my confidence, a sense of pride filled me—urging me to do what needed to be done. Editing is not my forte (for my own work) and I was struggling with sticking with my tenses. I stuck it through, listened and watched my MC’s fill in some missing pieces to their story.

My two youngest have learned to share—finally! By that I mean, when it’s their time, I am completely committed—however, if they happen to come in while I am in front of the keyboard, they wait their turn. They have watched this novel come together from the beginning. They know I am as dedicated to my stories as I am to them.

The toughest part through this process had to be trusting in myself. I knew I had a really good story (of course it’s good; I wrote it!), but would others think it was as good as I thought? It was time to throw myself into the fire, testing my writing with a few beta readers. Thanks to their critiques, a few suggestions and a whole lot of encouragement, FOOL ME ONCE was born! (Geeesh, that was a long labor!)

It doesn’t end there… there is still much to do to watch this one grow. It will start with baby steps and we’ll see where it goes. Book two is already in the works and who knows; maybe I’ll have a 7th best accomplishment!!

Thanks to Writers Amuse Me for being the best publishers ever!! Your kindness, support, ideas make us all feel like we are a small part of a great family! I’m so honored to be included with the many awesome writers at WAMM!

See Ya Soon



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It's been a long time coming, but we are thrilled to share our new releases, available today in print, digital and Kindle formats. Congratulations to our amazing writers who have put many hours of hard work and tons of love into these books. For DeeJay Arens (The View from a Rusty Train Car) and Honey Boudreaux (Fool Me Once), this is a debut showing. I have no doubt we will hear more from them. For Shakey Smith (Robe & Crown), this is the third of her Dupee stories. I know it won't be her last. Watch our site for more information about Shakey, and for news about her November novella release Quick Fixes. For our own Dave Smith, Outskirts of Insanity sets the bar incredibly high for phsychological thrillers. This is one you will never forget once you read it. It is absolutely brilliant while being, at the same time, a totally insane ride. Cabochon is the first in a series of adventure books about the people who work at Cabochon Incorporated, and the happenings at their mines around the world. It will be followed with Green Gold, set in Ecuador, and Pigeon Blood Red, which takes place in Tasmania.

Congratulations to a fantastic group of writers. You, and all our authors at Writers AMuse Me make every day, every word, every page, an absolute joy.

FOOL ME ONCE by Honey Boudreaux

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We are very pleased to present Honey Boudreaux's debut YA novel, Fool Me Once. This story has romance, danger, adventure and suspense. The enemy in Death. Here is a sneak preview of the first chapter. Congratulations, Honey!

Fool Me Once will be available for purchase in print, digital and Kindle formats on August 22, 2012 through our website or via most online book retailers.

Honey Boudreaux


Chapter 1 - DRIVE

Shelby watched, frozen, as the white SUV came screeching around the corner, careening out of control. She knew it was moving too fast. Callie, her best friend, would not have time to get out of the way. The brakes on the truck squealed, leaving black skid marks on the street. It was too late. The scene unfolded as Shelby cried out from the curb. “Callie! No! No!”

Callie whipped her head around only in time to scream. One second they were racing across the street; the next, Shelby, three steps ahead, turned and watched in horror as Callie was struck. Her limp body flew over the hood of the SUV, spiraling through the air like a rag doll. She smashed head first into the windshield, shattering the glass with a gut-wrenching crunch. Her small body twitched then slowly slid down the hood, leaving a blood trail behind, landing on the concrete with a thud.

Screaming from where she stood, covering her mouth to hold back the bile rising in her throat, warm tears streamed down Shelby’s cheeks. She desperately wanted to run to Callie but her legs held, locked in place. The knot in her stomach made her want to retch at the sight of her best friend’s blood draining from her body. Callie’s lifeless body lay in the middle of the road.

Shelby lowered her head, her eyes focused on her feet where she had unknowingly dropped her books. On top was her school’s homework ledger opened to a new page. The date, without anything written on it for homework yet, was Tuesday, April 23rd. In a trance, she looked up to see a young boy with strawberry blond hair carrying a skateboard standing on the opposite side of the street with a terrified look on his face. She begged him with her eyes to move, to help, to save Callie. In that instant, he was simply gone. Shelby glanced back to Callie’s still body. She dropped to her knees, crying out for her. “No, Callie. Please, no.”

Shelby snapped awake, the visions of her dream still fresh in her mind. Grabbing her neck, she could feel her silent scream locked in her throat. At age eleven, this was the first time she had dreamt of someone’s death. Not Callie, not Callie echoed inside of her head. I can fix this! I know I can fix this! Shelby sprang from her bed. Her dream was specific this time; it would happen today; Tuesday, April 23rd.

Shelby learned at an early age that she had an unusual gift. Her dreams foretold future events. She didn’t believe it was a gift at first – not until she learned how to alter the outcomes. Simple things she successfully changed in the past didn’t seem to matter. Her faked appendix attack saved her dad from a broken leg during a skiing accident, but that was different. This was her best friend’s life. Her body trembled as her mind raced with thoughts of how she would prevent her friend’s death. There was a chance she could alter Callie’s fate.

A simple stomach ache would not save Callie. Callie would die if Shelby didn’t stop her. She didn’t know if she could change any of the events that would unfold that day but she was determined to at least try. She would tempt fate in hopes that her friend would be spared.

The two girls were best friends and alternated going to each others’ house after school. They would meet on the corner where, according to her dream, Callie would be struck. Shelby had to persuade Callie to meet her somewhere other than their usual spot before the end of the day. Her heart seemed to be pounding out of her chest as she dressed for school. She quickly gathered her schoolbag, let her mom know the plan to go to Callie’s house today then headed to school. Confident that she would see Callie in the one class they had together or at lunch, Shelby felt a little more at ease.

Shelby knew it was risky to attempt to talk to Callie in Mrs. Kempt’s class but she was desperate enough to take that risk. She entered the classroom too late, frustrated that she had to stop at her locker. She hoped she would have a couple of minutes before class began but already things were going wrong. The bell rang as she waved her hand at her best friend. She mouthed the words, ‘we need to talk.’ Callie did not see her.

“Everyone, be seated.” Mrs. Kempt began. “Let’s pick up where we left off yesterday.”

Mrs. Kempt’s class was boring as usual. They both spent most of their days in class with their chins in their hands, daydreaming. Not today. Shelby’s leg bounced with anticipation. She knew she had to somehow seize the opportunity to warn Callie, at least give her a desperate hand signal. Her stomach was doing flips as she waited for the right second. Mrs. Kempt finally turned away. Shelby quickly spun her head around to whisper to Callie. WHAM. The ruler came down on her desk. Nothing escaped the hawk eyes of Mrs. Kempt.

“Shelby,” Mrs. Kempt snapped, “you’ve just earned yourself a lunch detention.”

“But Mrs. Kempt, I didn’t…”

“Would you like to make it two?”

“No, Mrs. Kempt.” Upset with herself, she turned her body forward and began tapping the floor with her foot. She could feel her face flush, redden with heat; her whole body trembling, she tried to work out a new plan in her head.

Callie chuckled under her breath along with the entire class. Middle school was not as much fun as they had thought it would be when they were in elementary. Mrs. Kempt looked as old as the Alps, was meaner than the Wicked Witch of the West and could hear a pin drop a mile away.

“Is there someone in here who would like to join Shelby?”

“No Mrs. Kempt,” the class responded in their most harmonious way.

“Now that we are all in agreement, let’s begin where we left off. Callie, please read the next paragraph.”

Callie straightened in her seat then began reading. In one second of bad luck, Shelby had ruined both of her chances to talk to Callie. Now she had to figure out another way to let her friend know about the change in plans. The lunch bell rang. As Callie made her way out the door, she turned to Shelby, pushed out her bottom lip then left the class heading for the small cafeteria. If Mrs. Kempt had a heart, she would allow her to leave early. Everyone in the school knew Mrs. Kempt had no heart; ice water flowed through her veins.

Shelby sat in her chair as calmly as she could. Her leg bounced furiously as she watched the hands of the clock tick by painfully slow. Lunch lasted twenty-five minutes; her heart began to pound with fear as she tried to figure out where Callie would be by the time she was released. A loud beep from the intercom made her jump.

“Mrs. Kempt,” the voice announced. “Please go to the teacher’s lounge.”

Mrs. Kempt sighed and turned to her. “You may g...”

Snatching her school bag, Shelby was out the door before Mrs. Kempt could finish her sentence. She made a mad dash to the lunch room to do a quick scan. She grabbed the arm of one of their friends. “Have you seen Callie?”

“She went to the office a few minutes ago.”

Shelby spun around on her heels then sped towards the office. Once in the office, Shelby learned Callie had been there and left. She must be at recess. Shelby ran around the school yard, her eyes searching side to side as she pushed her way through some of her classmates. Callie was nowhere to be found. Shelby began to panic. She was running out of time. The lunch bell rang ending their already short recess.

This can’t be happening! This won’t happen! I won’t let this happen! Callie, where are you? Her head pounded with fear. Callie, please. Where are you?

A voice from behind her shocked her back. “Shelby, are you looking for an after-school detention? You have one minute to get to your class. If I were you, I’d get my head out of those clouds it’s in and get moving.”

It was Kempt again. Shelby knew she meant what she said. The last thing she needed right now was to be kept for an after school detention. She forced herself to leave the school yard frustrated, upset; her body shaking from head to toe. She reluctantly headed to her next class scanning the hallways as she went. The dream replayed in her memory; Shelby knew she had missed another opportunity.

The rest of the day was spent tapping on her desk or chewing on a pencil, nervously anticipating the outcome if she couldn’t find Callie. Flashes of the accident never leaving her mind; time was not on her side. She was racing the clock, and the clock continued to click towards Callie’s death.

She stood in the school yard after classes had ended, her eyes frantically searching for Callie before she left the grounds. Her body, unable to move from one spot, began to shake from sheer panic. Her stomach was in a knot; ready to lose her morning meal. She knew this was her last chance to stop fate. I will not let you take her. She’s my best friend. I won’t let this happen. Oh God, Callie! Where are you?

“Boo!” Someone grabbed Shelby’s waist from the side.

Shelby jumped backwards. She nearly hit the ground. “Don’t ever do that again!” she snapped.

“What’s your problem?”

Shelby latched onto Callie, pulling her in tightly. She breathed a heavy sigh of relief; unable to stop her tears, they fell on Callie’s shoulder.

“I’ve been looking for you all day. Where have you been? I looked for you at lunch, I checked the school yard. I couldn’t find you.”

“What’s the big deal? You know I would have met you on the corner.”

Shelby turned away to wipe her unnoticed tears. She steadied her voice, not wanting to alarm Callie. “There’s been a change in plans. I’m going to come to your house after school today. My mom had to go in to work for something so she won’t be home.”

“No big deal,” Callie said. “My mom will be home. Hey, what did you think of my escape plan?”

“What escape plan?” Shelby looked at her, tilting her head.

“I had ‘ole hag Kempt called to the teacher’s lounge.”

Shelby broke out in a nervous laughter. “I can’t believe you did that.”

Callie joined the laugher. “Score one for the bestie!”

Shelby’s strategy saved her friend’s life; Callie’s accident had been avoided. Afterwards, Shelby knew she had to learn how to deal with these frightening situations or one day she would not be able to prevent bad things from happening. Right now all Shelby knew was that her best friend was okay and she was thankful. At eleven, she was too young to feel differently.

Over the years Shelby had learned to develop her skills. She sat in her bed holding her locked journal in her hands. Reaching into her desk drawer, she removed the key and unlocked her private thoughts. It had become a ritual for her to sit on her bed as she jotted down important memories taken from her dreams. When she completed her writing, she replaced the key in her draw and walked over to the oak chest that sat in the corner of her room. She had decided she would keep her ability a secret from everyone; her mom, her dad, even her best friend. Being an eleven-year-old weirdo was not something she wanted people to know. The chest was the perfect spot for her to keep her secrets locked away.

Shelby referred to her notes often, reminding herself of things that stood out in her dreams. Some things were important now, some she thought may be important later -- things like the little boy with the strawberry blond hair who kept appearing in her dreams. Who was he? He looked a little weird to her, yet he was cute. He seemed to appear more often now. Shelby decided to note his appearance in her journal. She had to write about what seemed to be his lifeline -- his skateboard. He had it with him in almost all of her dreams. If he wasn’t riding it, he was holding it tightly. She didn’t know what the connection was to the boy; she just knew she felt tingles deep inside, whenever he appeared in her dreams. Maybe she just liked him – if it was possible to like someone you only see in your subconscious mind. He was somehow important. She made her notes, continuing to do the little things her dreams urged her to do.