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Posted on August 31, 2011 at 9:50 AM Comments comments (0)


I want to bring your attention to a situation with print books at sites like Amazon. You may have noticed there are lists of third-party-sellers offering new books for sale on the same pages as Amazon has the books. They claim to have the books in their warehouses all across the continent. Well, in the case of POD, they are lying. They do not. POD books are not carried by the distributors and are not stored in any warehouse anywhere. Traditional books are printed, paid for by the publisher, then given to a distributor (like Ingram Books) to send out to retail outlets and online stores. When the book is sold by the retailer, they take their cut, the distributor takes theirs, the publisher takes theirs, and the writer gets what is left. On POD, a book is not printed unless ordered and paid for. Ingram Books does not order and pay for the printing of any books, nor do the third party suppliers.

When we discovered what was happening, I contacted all third-party-sellers who claimed to have our books in their warehouses. I chose POD for a reason... I do not like to see books sitting in warehouses. It requires gas to get them there, utilities to maintain them there, gas to then ship them to where they are going, or gas to return them to the publisher with the cover ripped off and the book unsellable. The carbon footprint for each printed book is HUGE, and I did not want to be a part of that. POD, for me, was the environmentally responsible way to go, as is digital publishing. To see our books might be sitting in a warehouse simply enraged me.When I found out that the claims were absolutely deliberately knowingly false, I was enraged and determined. None of the third party sellers could provide me with ANY paperwork about the books they claimed to have access to. In fact, they all danced around the issue, as did Amazon and Createspace. That's not good enough. These people are lying/ misrepresenting their position to the public at Amazon, and they are dipping in to steal from the writers while providing absolutely no service whatsoevery, other than to undercut the legitimate sellers and take their profit.

While there is a place for third-party-sellers when a book is longer in print or for markets outside US and Canada, when the book is POD, these sellers are nothing more than parasites, stealing another percentage of the sale way from the writers' pockets. Yes, I said stealing. It's time to call it what it really is. They do not nothing to promote the books, they do not store them, and the vast majority of them do not even list them anywhere else in the world except on amazon where the books already have a presence. We are working to remove them from our listings, and have filed complaints with Amazon, B&N, Ingram Books and CreateSpace to have them removed and prevented from attaching their ‘stores’ to our books. Some complied immediately, most did not until presented with the fact that we WILL take legal action against them, some have still refused to comply. They all are fully aware though that they falsely advertise the books in their possession. Amazon doesn't care as long as it makes it's money.

When you are ordering books that are carried by Amazon or B&N, please bear in mind that by going with a third party seller on new books, while you might save some pennies, you are taking at LEAST another 35% out of the profits that go to the writer and you are supporting what in any other instance would be an illegal activity. The problem is much greater on Amazon than on B&N; B&N has not replied to our concerns either though. Please share the word about what these people are doing. Third party sellers (ie BooKnackrh, grabmore_us, any_book, brandnewgoodsus) on POD or new books at Amazon do nothing to help your sales, your exposure or your profit, but they are more than happy to dip their beaks into your well.