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Posted on November 27, 2011 at 5:35 PM Comments comments (45)

This is our first open contest for writers. Now that NaNo is almost over, everyone should be in perfect winter writing mode, so let us help you. This is really simple; send us the first line of your WIP -- any WIP, but ONLY the first sentence. Post it in the comments for this blog, and you are entered in the contest. Come back often to check on the competition and to watch for updates and to see who is our winner.

Along with WAMM editors, we are thrilled to have two guest judges for this contest: published Canadian author Kevin Craig and our own amazing author, Trish Stewart.

How many winners? Three. The prizes? FIRST place will get an edit/evaluation of the first three chapters of the WIP they entered from, $75 and a book of their choice from our shelves. SECOND place will get an edit/evaluation of the first two chapters of the WIP they entered from, $25 and a book of their choice from our shelves. The THIRD place winner will get an edit/evaluation of the first chapter of the WIP they entered from and a free book of their choice. The first line submitted and the works sent for evaluation must be from the same work.

Easy? Of course, so send us your first line. We will be closed to entries at 9:00 pm Pacific Standard Time on this Friday, December 2nd, 2011.


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Because the essence of both The Writers Block forum and Writers AMuse Me is about the freedom of writing, the indulging of that little voice inside us, the releasing of the constraints on the Muse, we are pleased to announce that we will be doing themed editions, offering little prompts that will prod the writer. These issues will be publised in the first edition of every other month, but we are providing the prompts/themes for the remainder of the year. If you find yourself moved, piqued at all, and would like to have your poem or short story (under 1400 words) included, please indicate which issue they are for on your submission email.

June 2011 -

(1) You meet the person you most want to meet, regardless dead or alive, and you are terribly disappointed

(2) If contronted with death, do you rejoice or crawl into a hole and wimper?

August 2011 -

(1) The President's lover's name is Chuck

(2) The horror in my bed.

October 2011 -

(1) The Disco Queen is singing your song. (P's suggestion... I was doing laundry when she came up with this :roll: )

(2) Life is like a bouquet of flowers.

December 2011 -

(1) Love comes in the wrong package.

(2) The Truth about truth.


Okay... now get writing!